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Joe DeGregorio - Chaser & Adv. SkyWarn Spotter

Baton Rouge, La.

Jon Raines - Storm Chaser & Air traffic Controller  Lake Charles, La.
Stacie Shavers - SkyWarn Spotter Watson, La.
William Singleton - Storm Chaser & SkyWarn Spotter

Baton Rouge, La.

Justin Blythe - Chaser & SkyWarn Spotter Livingston, La.
Andy Thibodeaux - Chaser & Adv. SkyWarn Spotter Church Point, La.
John D. Kittles - Chaser & Adv. SkyWarn Spotter Eunice, La.
Chris Pickett - Tropical Weather Meteorologist Des Allemands, La.
Eddie Wicher - SkyWarn Spotter Baton Rouge, La.
Jake Dawson - Adv. SkyWarn Spotter Central City, La.
George White IV - Chaser & SkyWarn Spotter Zachary, La.
Joe is a native Louisianan and was born raised here and partly raised in NY State during his early childhood, and has been a resident of  Baton Rouge most of his life.
He is a survivor of a direct hit by an F-3 Tornado in 1971 that hit St. Thomas Moore school in Baton Rouge and has been a self student of Meteorology ever since.

Joe worked as a Professional Weather Consultant in the private sector in the capacity as an on location Meteorologist for the movie industry and is also an Advanced SkyWarn Trained Storm Spotter.
Joe's life long passions are Aviation & Meteorology, Photography and Stargate &Star Trek TV shows.

Joe became partially disabled in 2001 and fully disabled in 2016, and in 2005 brought his skills and passion for weather to social media starting on My Space and then Facebook and Twitter.

 Among the several major movies Joe has worked on as their on location Weather Observer-Meteorologist. Namely The Magnificent Seven, Baywatch, The Domestics and iHeart radio Summerfest 2017 He also does remote weather monitoring on occasion for the entertainment/film industry when the need arises. Joe is also listed on iMDB.

Joe is also a U.S. Military Veteran and former Sheriff's Deputy.
Want to be an Affiliate Spotter/Chaser for us, inbox us on our Facebook page and we'll talk further.


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Andy Thibodeaux is one of our contributing Staff editors & hails from Acadian and resides in Church Point, La. with his wife and children. Andy has had a life long interest in Meteorology and attended ULM with studies in Atmospheric Science and is also a Certified NWS Advanced Skywarn Storm Spotter.
Andy runs his own social media weather page which can be found here at Cajun Weather Spotters.
Jon Raines is our resident Storm Chaser for Southwest Louisiana and Contributing editor for the Southwest Louisiana Weather page here.
Jon works full time as an Air Traffic Controller and in his spare time when not chasing storms, he's doing an array of things including photography and flying when able.