South Louisiana Extreme Weather Advertising, Partners &/or Sponsors

We have Nine Advertising slots available on this page and 4 on the main page.
Promote your business while supporting my mission to create a Weather Ready community through Live stream
 and Social media outreach and education.
The Top Advertiser/Sponsor also gets their logo placed on our radar products.
Please Contact for pricing.


 Blue Star Motorcars specializes in buying and selling reliable vehicles. Blue Star is locally owned and operated and has a solid positive reputation. Whether you're buying or wanting to sell your vehicle, give Blue Star Motorcars a call today for a fair price and exceptional service!!!
Visit them today at:
14322 Florida Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70819
Or give them a call at 225-277-2583

Our mission is to utilize our highly trained scent specific HRD and tracking K9s to locate missing persons & provide closure for families, and law enforcement agencies. 501c3 Registered.

Headquartered in Southeast Louisiana.

Contact: (225) 588-2064